Architectural Design Company

Iris Construction Management uses a fully integrated design approach that includes architectural design, electrical design, mechanical design, commercial design, engineering, and project management services with one point of contact. The constant communication between our team has led to countless successful projects, earning us a trustworthy reputation as an architectural design company. 

The Process

Designing buildings where every aspect is carefully thought out to bring your vision to life starts with a great relationship with our clients. We dig into your mission, vision, goals, environments, and company culture to create innovative designs specific to you. Our amazing architectural design team will blend our technical expertise with other senior engineers to deliver your project on time and on budget. 

When working with our architectural design company you can rely on the expertise of:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers 
  • Civil engineers 
  • Structural engineers 

These engineers ensure no delays in the permitting process so we can hit a tight timeline for your build. Our team has the common goal to work together from the start to create detailed, custom plans that face fewer delays and less risk or error. 

Form & Function

The two work together to make a space that encourages employee productivity and draws in new customers. 

An optimized layout can do wonders for a new business. From altering consumer behavior and purchasing habits to efficient employees, our team can design a layout that works for everyone. These choices can be as big as where to place a feature wall, to as small as what lighting to choose — it’s important to choose an experienced team with an eye for aesthetics, but know the correct flow of a business. 

Our Services 

Our architectural design company provides a variety of services, depending on your specific need. We offer exclusive design packages, all the way up to design and build projects so you can focus on big picture items while we take care of the construction details. Our complete building process includes: 

  • Concept design 
  • 3D renders 
  • Interior design
  • Site renovation
  • Interior and exterior upgrades 
  • Permit applications 

Why Iris 

When you work with an architectural design company that provides one point of contact for your project, it eliminates lengthy and repetitive back-and-forth emails and miscommunication. 

From the start, we understand how we can meet your vision and design the best possible setting to serve your clientele. Our architectural design company combines dazzling design elements into a building that meets not only current but future needs. 

Besides your specific vision, our designers will always strive to create a space that:

  • Speaks to your brand in every detail
  • Welcomes returning customers 
  • Invites new customers 
  • Optimizes your floor plan for flex spaces 
  • Makes it functional for employees and guests 

The right architectural design company will make your business stand out. If you are looking for a company that’s personalized, cost-effective, and imaginative, then Iris Construction Management is for you. 

Let us simplify the daunting task of your commercial build, design or renovation and make a plan for your next project.

Contact us today to bring your vision to life, on time and on budget.