Traveling has been the name of the game around here lately.  It feels like all I have been doing is packing, unpacking and laundry.  It's hard to believe it has been over three weeks since I went to the Nashville Antique and Garden Show.

Upon arrival to the show I went straight to Miles Redd's talk.  His charismatic personality filled the room as he discussed his homes over the years and what influences him.  He tied together art, fashion, and design, and showed us the push and pull between all three industries.  Miles Redd focused on his desire to achieve the perfect mix of eras in his design, the balance between ancient and modern.  The result is this wonderful tension in his interiors that captures what he titled "L'Art de Vie."

For example, he showed this image of his sister's apartment and compared how closely the curtain panels resemble Oscar de la Renta's gowns.

Here is another view showing the whole room.

Miles Redd has worked closely with Gil Schafer, a prominent architect, who is more of a traditionalist than Miles.  Their collaborations were my favorite images shown at the lecture.  In particular, Gil's own living room in New York.

Gil's living room is a long, narrow room with the entrance directly across from the fireplace.  Miles did an excellent job determining the functionality of this space.

He turned the fireplace into an accessory of the room instead of it being the focal point.  He painted it black so it would be understated.

Here is the other half of the room, which has a comfortable seating area.  Notice how the chair back is to the fireplace (the stool in the bottom right corner is the one in the previous photograph).

One last view showing the transition to the hallway.

Miles Redd was a joy to hear speak, and I look forward to following him in his career.

Cheers, Missy

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