Published: January 2012


Like everyone else, I love to get on Pinterest to think through an idea or look for inspiration.  I am always sidetracked by things I was not even searching for at that moment.  My main distractions are recipes and things on my to do list.  However, this week…this airstream stopped me in my tracks. How ... Read more

artfully arranged…

Vignettes in design are an artfully arranged space that enhances the room.  A great vignette is achieved through various shapes and textures all in perfect proportion to one another.  In fact, the more textures the better.  On Pinterest, I have been running into some fantastic vignettes, some new to me and some classic ones published ... Read more

the rolling ladder…

Since I mentioned the library ladder in my last post, let’s expand on the topic.  When most people think of library ladders, they envision a space similar to the Trinity Library in Dublin, Ireland.  Most people think library ladders can only be in a vast space with really high or vaulted ceilings.  I am here ... Read more

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