Published: November 2011


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, as it is the most relaxed holiday for our family.  Sure, there is lots and lots of cooking, but there is not a frenzy surrounding the big day as it can feel with Christmas or Easter.  There are no presents to buy, only family time as we celebrate our heritage. ... Read more


For ten years I have been collecting snuff boxes, and I still enjoy them and look forward to adding to my collection one day.  My collection started one Saturday when I was in graduate school at Vanderbilt.  Nashville had an incredible silver shop, Chancery Lane, now closed but their website remains open.  Chancery Lane had ... Read more


When browsing through antique stores, I always take a lot of photos on my phone and usually end up with a picture of some creamware.  Creamware, according to Wikipedia, is a refined earthenware created around 1750 by the potters of Staffordshire, England. In other words, it is pottery not porcelain.  It was popular due to ... Read more

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